About Us

WALAHALA is the most secure, digital and crypto currency wallet with exchange. Keeping in view the financial needs, we provide our users with suitable and dependable services for the exchange of virtual currency into various assets i.e. fiat and other crypto currencies. Users can easily buy/sell and trade over major crypto currencies, altcoins and tokens. We support all these currencies on the basis of their rankings, volume, market cap and supply details. Any process regarding crypto currency exchange is carried easily within 24 hours. We offer instant execution of trade, reliable digital wallets and high security practices. WALAHALA; the infallible stock exchange is an efficacious forum to access a complete crypto currency market with real time charts and crypto rates.

Security is our top priority. Therefore, we incorporate multi-layered security protection through the implementation of unfailing and the most effective security approach, in order to receive intended results.

All the digital currencies listed on WALAHALA exchange are available for both, national and international customers. It provides a decentralized wallet system in the form of smart card which can be accessed by the owner, anywhere in the world.

WALAHALA operates within the regulatory framework using the high levels of ‘Know Your Customer’ and ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ assessment for secure transactions.